New Twist!

Caitlyn Jenner’s Younger Woman: ‘I Wouldn’t Describe It As A Romantic Relationship’

Sophia Hutchins says 'inseparable' couple are just 'business partners!'

Caitlyn Jenner’s younger woman has confirmed that they’re shacking up — but is also insisting that the former Olympian is simply a “business partner!” It’s a bizarre new turn in the transgendered May/December relationship, and comes just months after Sophia Hutchins assured fans that she’s “in a relationship.” Insiders have also told The National ENQUIRER that the couple are staying platonic even while talking marriage! “Caitlyn and Sophia kiss and cuddle,” an insider said, “but they’ve decided to not take things to the next level just yet!” But with these new revelations, Sophia’s casting the relationship between the transgender celebrities in a whole new light…