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Caitlyn Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Obsession Over Younger Woman

Insiders warn competitive star 'could ruin her face for good!'

Caitlyn Jenner continues to look unnaturally youthful while out with girlfriend Sophia Hutchins in Malibu — with insiders warning that the former Bruce Jenner is going overboard with celebrity plastic surgery trying to match her 22-year-old Sophia’s youthful beauty! “Caitlyn can’t smile,” an insider recently told STAR magazine, “and her cheeks and chin look deformed.” Other sources have told The National ENQUIRER that the 68-year-old reality star also looked at more breast surgery to enhance her sagging curves as Caitlyn prepared to go public with romancing her college-student lover. “The big dilemma for Cait is whether to go large,” said an insider, “or just get a lift and settle for what she’s got!”