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Burt Reynolds’ Bizarre Final Farewells

Weird antics on 'Today' had friends fearing he was back on pills!

Burt Reynolds spent his bitter final months making a series of bizarre TV appearances — with pals convinced that the ailing actor was back on the painkillers that sent him into heart surgery! The beloved “Smokey and the Bandit” star passed away on Sept. 6 from a cardiac arrest, shortly after insiders told The National ENQUIRER: “Burt is back on pain pills again. Friends and family members are concerned he could overdose and kill himself!” Instead, Burt’s heart gave out as the broke and ailing star continued to constantly work, having last taken a big hit financially in a final settlement over his brutal 1994 divorce from Loni Anderson. The actor had gone public about his prescription to painkillers after being denied pills when rushed into surgery in 2010 for five blocked heart arteries — with doctors saying Burt’s pill-popping was likely responsible for his grave condition!