Shocking Charges!

Bob Barker Blasted By Dian Parkinson Over Sex Scandal

'Prince is Right' model says she won't weep over horndog host's burial!

Dian Parkinson has revealed the shameful goings-on behind the scenes on “The Price Is Right” — charging lust-crazed host Bob Barker turned her into his personal sex slave! The blond bombshell says she endured physical and emotional humiliation and abuse at the hands of the powerful TV star, who forced her into sleazy sex acts that triggered health issues and, ultimately, a miscarriage. Calling the now-ailing TV legend a “monster,” Dian insisted: “I was Bob Barker’s sex slave — and there was nothing I could do about it.” Dian claimed nonagenarian Barker, then 70, threatened to have her fired unless she submitted to his slimy sexual cravings, sources close to the beauty told The National ENQUIRER. Read on for details of Dian’s claims, and click here for more news of the Hollywood sex scandals….