Down To A Duffle!

Bill Cosby: Broke Star Carries All His Cash In A Bag

Quarter-million buck bundle may be all he's got left!

Bill Cosby is lugging around a bag stuffed with $250,000 in cash — and the wad is nearly all that’s left of his half-billion-dollar fortune, an investigation by The National ENQUIRER has revealed! The disgraced comic and his long-suffering wife, Camille, have seen their celebrity net worth disappearing for months, and he still owes money to the law firm that guided him to a mistrial on sexual-assault charges in June. That’s reportedly left the disgraced star ready to join the ranks of broke stars!  “Bill’s situation is frightening, yet simple. He’s shelling out a a small fortune to save himself from jail, but he can’t afford to pay much longer,” a source told The ENQUIRER…