Cowardly Comic!

Bill Cosby’s Secret Plan To Sneak Out Of U.S.A.

He’s carrying loads of cash to hide mystery movements!

bill cosby sexual assault trial
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Desperate to escape justice after trying every legal trick to avoid jail, sex creep Bill Cosby hop-scotched between three airports in a complicated “dry run” that was practice for fleeing the country!

That’s the bombshell claim of an exclusive National ENQUIRER investigation that caught the depraved comic ditching his own jet, boarding a mystery charter and handing out huge cash payoffs to side-step leaving a paper trail!

“Bill was doing everything in his power to avoid being seen or having his presence documented,” said a source.

Bill Cosby Could Be Nailed By His Own Servants!

“He demanded that nobody swipe his American Express card and carried wads of $100 bills.”

The hush-hush trip ended at a safe house in New York City’s posh Upper East Side, and was booked at the last minute on to keep the exact details of Cosby’s schedule under wraps, insiders said.

Cosby — an accused serial rapist who goes on trial in Pennsylvania in June for allegedly drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004 — relied on longtime, trusted pals to cover his tracks during his suspicious trip, sources said.