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Beyoncé’s Vicious Feud With Jennifer Hudson

Grudge over 'Dreamgirls' even carried over to family funeral!

Beyoncé went on the warpath in a rage after singing rival Jennifer Hudson stole her thunder back in 2006! After “Dreamgirls” hit theaters in 2006, Beyoncé turned into a jealous diva over gushing reviews that said Jennifer stole the show. The furious diva even finally stopped reading articles about the movie, according to “Becoming Beyoncé” author J. Randy Taraborrelli. Jennifer’s riveting performance won her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, while one noted critic referred to Beyoncé’s screen work as “static and detached.” Another noted that she “barely gets by on her limited acting skills” — and Claudia Puig at USA Today fueled the celebrity feud by blasting Beyoncé for “a vapid quality” that turned her into the film’s “weakest link…”