ENQUIRER Exclusive!

Geraldo Rivera Exposes Truth Behind Jennifer Hudson Family Tragedy

A deep dive into the horrific murder case that shocked America!

Geraldo Rivera reports….  Seeing  the terrible pain and raw human emotion ripping apart people who’ve lost a loved one in a brutal murder always leaves a scar on my soul. But some crimes — like when the family of Jennifer Hudson was murdered — are so horrific they repeatedly haunt my dreams. I can still hear the tortured 911 call made by Jennifer’s older sister, Julia, who walked into a slaughterhouse when she returned home from work in Chicago and found her mother, Darnell Donerson, lying in a puddle of blood: “Somebody killed my momma! Help me! Please!” Her desperate, heaving sobs give me the chills — as do sketches of Jennifer in the courtroom facing down the cold-blooded monster who destroyed her family. Read on for details of Geraldo’s investigation, and click here for more true-crime news….