Peer Pressure!

George Clooney Gets Brad And Angelina Together

Insiders say A-lister ended the brawling!

Angelina Jolie is finally giving in to a temporary custody agreement with Brad Pitt after bitter months of one of Hollywood’s most brutal showbiz divorces — with insiders reporting that George Clooney stepped in as an A-list peacemaker! It’s a bold move coming off other claims that George had played Cupid for his old pal Brad by inviting him out to Italy for a rendezvous with the “Seven” star’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Despite being blindsided by learning about Brad’s split from a CNN reporter, sources have said that newlywed George has stayed close to his “Ocean’s Eleven” co-star in recent months. And amid reports of Angelina’s increasing jealousy towards Amal Clooney, say sources, George personally stepped in to ask Angelina to stop “fueling the gossip machine!”