Torn Apart!

Brad Pitt’s Mother Miserable Over Missing Her Grandkids

Innocent victim of global Hollywood feud!

Brad Pitt has been making worldwide headlines over his vicious celebrity divorce from Angelina Jolie — but his distraught mother is silently suffering as a forgotten victim! According to insiders, the star’s parents — Jane and Bill Pitt — haven’t seen the couple’s six children since Angelina hit Brad with divorce papers in September 2016. That’s left Jane heartsick after being torn away from her beloved grandkids! “The kids used to visit all the time,” said Joy Edmond, a neighbor of the Pitts in Springfield, Mo. “During the winter, we could see them sledding in the yard!” But Jane reportedly clashed with the “Maleficent” witch over her liberal lifestyle, and the loving grandmother has been left missing her grandchildren during a custody battle that had Angelica spiriting the star’s multicultural brood off to England…