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Brad Pitt — How Struggling Star Won The Kids In Custody War

Angelina brings in new lawyers over brutal celebrity split!

Brad Pitt appears to be winning his custody battle with Angelina Jolie, as the couple’s six children have turned their backs on their mom — and have chosen to live with dad instead! That’s the latest twist in the ongoing saga, according to sources close to the shattered family — and the “Maleficent” witch’s freak out has even brought on her recent change of legal teams. Her brutal divorce war with Brad has grown so fierce that she had to “go outside of Los Angeles to find a lawyer willing to wage a public war with her estranged husband,” according to a report in The Blast. “The kids are fed up with their mom’s behavior. They want to move back in with their dad as soon as possible,” an insider divulged. “The children can’t stand the drama under Angie’s roof another single day!” Read on for the latest details of the Jolie-Pitt custody war, and click here for more news of celebrity splits….