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Angelina Jolie Turns To Magic To Beat Divorce Blues

Insiders say star's returning to ancient ways to relieve her stress!

Angelina Jolie has turned to magic hexes and voodoo spells after taking a battering in her bitter custody battle with Brad Pitt, say insiders! Sources claim that Angelina is now relying on magic to ward off the stress of being painted as the bad guy in her ongoing custody battle with her estranged husband. That’s included Angelina being blasted by her own father, while Brad keeps gaining support and sympathy in Hollywood. “This is her way of protecting herself against haters,” an insider told The National ENQUIRER. “Angie likes to have these quiet moments where she spends time by herself and channels energy. It’s a buffer against people who are not on her side.” But, added the source, she isn’t practicing black magic and casting evil spells. Instead, Angelina’s “resorting to healing spells and voodoo in a bid to relieve stress.” The source added that the star is “sitting in a quiet room to get in touch with her spiritual side, and sometimes says incantations…”