Mike Walker

Ryan Gosling Girl Problems — Co-Star Gets Crazy Over Emma Stone

Not enough of the actor to go around!

ryan gosling emma stone la la land
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Mike Walker Reports… Stunning Rachel McAdams is still gaga over three-year squeeze-toy Ryan Gosling, her co-star in the mega-romantic flick “The Notebook” — which won MTV “Best Kiss” and Teen Choice “Best Love Scene” awards.

Now she just can’t stop bitchin’ to kinda-bored babe pals about how her la-la-lover went ta-ta after their last flick together, with Emma Stone usurping him as her “La La Land” leading man!

Said an insider: “Rachel’s still upset that Ryan got over her like a bad case of the flu. She feels he treats her like a faded old memory, while he happily works with Emma over and over again.”

Well, dry your tears, you pretty little thing: Let Mikey make it a bit bettah by reminding you of our scoop that Ryan tried desperately but failed to…er, enter Emma.

That means you’ve actually gobbled on Gosling, but nemesis Emma never has!