Mike Walker

Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone Affair? Secret Lay Of ‘La La Land’

Behind the scenes of the hit Hollywood musical!

ryan gosling emma stone la la land affair

Mike Walker Reports… Hold onto your hats … or whatevah, Gossip Fans! Mikey’s blasting out-of-control myths with the secret scoop on Hollywood’s hottest boy-girl duo: sex-alicious Oscar shoo-ins Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling!

So lap this up and ignore numerous reports you’ve read: Our delectable duo nevah, evah bonked in real life!

Said My Stoned Li’l Goose Source: “Despite reports of hush-hush hanky-panky during three sexy movies, the super-close pals never squirmed skin-to-skin — because Emma wisely rejected Ryan’s endless indecent proposals!

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“She knew he cavorted with hordes of Hollywood hotties, and Emma’s not a notch-in-the- belt type! Passing on his passes, she kept Heartthrob firmly in the ‘Friend Zone!’

And she’s beyond thrilled he’s finally hooked up with baby mama Eva Mendes, so she won’t have to slap him on the wrist — or the kisser — anymore!”