Mike Walker

Kate Middleton To Prince William: Give Me The Dirt On Britney Spears

Princess is pestering her spouse to share the royal details!

Prince william britney spears kate middleton
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Mike Walker Reports… Playful, crazy-curious Princess of Our Hearts Kate Middleton is desperate to learn all the sizzle-icious secret details of stiff-upper-lip hubby Prince William — and his highly publicized alleged romance with Britney Spears years ago!

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Now she’s nagging her royal spouse to divulge the down-and-dirty — but Wills keeps frustrating Wifey, sealing his blue- blooded lips tight!

Chuckled My Royal Spy, Lord Knows: “Kate’s dying to know all the juicy details, badgering William to finally spill the Britney beans, and insisting she won’t be mad — she’s just dying to know!”

“Here’s what Kate does know: William’s admitted to some flirtatious correspondence with Ms. Toxic, but coyly keeps saying stuff like, ‘Oh darling, nothing really happened … not much to tell.’ It’s driving Kate nuts!”

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Hey, Wills, advice from a lowly commoner: Kiss and tell your delicious Princess while whispering naughty nuggets — real or imagined — about her pop idol, and enjoy your raunchiest royal night ever!