Mike Walker

Meghan Markle To Prince Harry: More Royal Manscaping

The ginger prince's short-and-curlies invite unflattering scrutiny!

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Mike Walker Reports… Wanna play a game where I concoct a phrase that sounds nearly identical to a naughty one you know very well?

HINT: First letter of each word’s identical; second word’s totally identical! Okay?

Prince Harry: ‘Complete Breakdown’ Over Diana’s Death!

The word describes Prince Harry, who — as I scooped — promised to build Meghan Markle a gigantic shoe room, as opposed to a closet, once they’re wed/bed in their precious palace.

But now — wow!! After making Harry shave his manly chest ’cause she opposes royal roughage, Meghan hints she may take a step further (down?) — and that’s got Kate and Prince William snickering hysterically!

Meghan Markle Nazi Scandal — Satanic Family Secrets!

Said My Royal Spy, Lord Knows: “Kate and Wills freaked when Meghan had the balls to order Harry to wax his chest fur. Now they’re whispering and wondering if Ginger Prince’s Royal Family ‘member’ might also end up smooth as a baby’s bottom!”

(Hey, didja guess my identical-sounding, same-meaning word about Harry? It’s … Princely-whipped!)