Mike Walker

Kathie Lee & Hoda’s Brazen Bra Talk

Co-hosts split over daily dunk vs. disintegration!

kathie lee gifford hoda kotb bras
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Mike Walker reports…. Keeping you abreast of today’s sexy, helpful and in-your-face gossip, let me secretly share incredibly uplifting advice Kathie Lee Gifford just gave “Today” co-host and new mom Hoda Kotb.

Veteran mom KLG whispered to her neophyte co-host: “Firm up all your saggy, damn non-designer bras — but do it without strangling yourself!”

Hoda had confessed to KLG: “I know you’re supposed to wear even your everyday bras tighter, but they’re far less comfortable that way … so I like ’em loose and stretchy!”

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Kvetched mammary-maintenance master Kathie Lee: “So just wash them! I launder all my undies every day!”

But when Hoda bitched that she ducks douching her boulder-holders to avoid “disintegration,” KLG literally recoiled!

And how was YOUR week?