Mike Walker:

Kathie Lee Creeped Out By Hoda’s Hairy Legs

'Today' hosts' squabble over the troubling stubble!

hoda kotb hairy legs kathie lee
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Mike Walker Reports….  Talk about a close shave! Hoda Kotb recently got a bristly behind-the-scenes yenta yap from smooth-talking “Today” sidekick Kathie Lee Gifford!

What led to the borderline snotty dressing down? Smooth-talking KLG just happened to have rubbed her silky-smooth gams up against New Mommy’s newly hairy hams!

Said a production source: “Hoda got a snippy behind-the-scenes talkin’-to from smooth-tongued, well-groomed sidekick KLG — who bristled after accidentally rubbing up against Hoda’s stubbly legs!

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“Hoda was a little embarrassed over her neglected gams, but kinda found it hysterically funny, too.

“Then Kathie launched a lengthy leg lecture that had the newly adoptive mom of adorable tot Haley Joy barking defensively that she barely has time for anything anymore since the baby’s arrival.

“Kathie said she’d better start making time — and shave those hairy, scary legs!”