Mike Walker

Hoda Kotb’s Baby Obsession Shakes Up Love Life

Boyfriend takes backseat to new daughter!

hoda kotb haley

Mike Walker Reports … Hey, Hoda Kotb — you got-be kidding! Sure, we dig that as a new adoptive mama you’re totally baby- obsessed … but how the HELL did ya totally forget your fourth anniversary of lovin’ couple-dom with loverboy/ financier Joel Schiffman???

Tittered My “Today” Tattler: “Hoda kinda put romance on the back-burner after her bubbly new adopted baby, Haley, arrived, and new live-in Joel’s been a total trooper — but it really stung the poor dude when she forgot their big day!

Arriving at their love-nest after work that evening — eagerly anticipating a romantic, sexy date-night celebration with his dolled-up darling — Joel was stunned to find Hoda un-coiffed and cosmetic-free … slouching around in a sloppy sweatsuit.” Ouch!