Mike Walker

Kathie Lee Gifford Shares Mom’s Beauty Tip For Breasts

Shares secret bed-time ritual on a knead-to-know basis!

kathie lee gifford breast advice

Mike Walker Reports…  Here’s a “Today” tit-bit that’ll keep you abreast of Kathie Lee Gifford and her latest mega-titillating secret for a healthy bust line!

Chatty Kathie had gal pals exploding in giggles ’n’ guffaws when she revealed this family secret during a raunchy rant!

Kackled my KLG Know-All Spy: “No one can knock you to the floor faster with a hilarious story than Kathie Lee.

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“She got all her bitches in stitches when she suddenly took a deep breath, stuck out her chest and started babbling about her ‘girls’ and a bizarre bedtime boob-ercise ritual her mom always recommended.

“First, doff bra at beddie-bye, then vigorously rub both breasts in circles until they need no more kneading for the night!”

(Hey, sounds like fun, KLG! But Enquiring Minds want to know… clockwise, or counter-clockwise??!)