Mike Walker

Royal Insult — Princess Kate’s Cruel Comparison For Camilla

Invokes Princess Diana for a big burn!

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Mike Walker Reports… Cranky Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall — the pissy-puss royal in-law who’s an OUTlaw as far as Kate Middleton’s concerned — just unraveled their already rocky relationship like an old sweater!

Reported My Royal Spy, Lord Knows: “Camilla’s constantly stirring the pot and pissing Kate off — this time dissing her for allowing teeny Princess Charlotte to be seen and photographed wearing big brother George’s old cardigan sweater.

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“Camilla complained to hubby Prince Charles that it makes his princess look like a pauper!

“When Kate heard that vicious shade-toss, she smacked back at the old sow, growling that her baby, a true princess, already shows a magnificent flare for fashion — just like her grandmother (and hubby Charles’ first love, Diana!)”