Mike Walker

Justin Bieber Spawns Elvis Cult

New fans insist that teen idol is truly The King!

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Mike Walker reports….  Here’s a sizzling scoop of gossip du jour that’s got even sophisticated Hollywood New Age tongues ­salivating: Is Justin Bieber more than just a bad-boy singer?

A ­growing cult believes, on the basis of actual knowledge, that he may share the actual soul of singing superstar Elvis Presley!

Said a knowledgeable Tinseltown ­insider: “There are some who believe there’s an eerie ­secret connection between the glamorous-but-naughty kid rocker and The King of Rock ‘n Roll himself.

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“They may actually share the same soul because the youngster knows stuff about The King that only a few who knew him personally can say authoritatively that Bieber’s dead-on accurate!

“And The Kid hears that same little voice Elvis always heard in his soul that told him, ‘Don’t make the same mistakes!’”