Justin Bieber Beliebes Amy Winehouse Steers Him From The Stars!

Justin bieber short

Think star-crossed singer Amy Winehouse hit a dead end? Think again, people — Grrrl’s busy as ever, insists weepy, whiny badboy Justin Bieber, who swears Amy’s life-coaching him from beyond the grave — helping him answer that plaintive title of his new hit disc: “What Do You MEAN?”…Say waaaat?? … Folks, I’m stone-cold serious — Justin told a close pal he’s now “psychically connected” after watching a documentary about Amy, who tragically died of alcohol poisoning at age 27!

Said the source: “Justin said it made him cry … Amy truly touched his soul! Then she started sending him meaningful messages through dreams — transmitting personal and career advice. Justin said he wept watching Amy’s documentary portray how the media and fans treated her — thinking it was funny to poke her when she was at rock bottom, pushing her down, killing her spirit! And that’s exactly what they’re doing to me — so who better than Amy to help me cope with insane fame, right?”

Right, kid … and good luck!