Mike Walker

David Beckham’s Vacuum Fetish

Hunk freaks when Victoria targets his favorite pile!

david beckham vacuum carpet fetish
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Mike Walker reports…. We can’t sweep this gossipy tidbit under the rug where David Beckham may find it — because he’ll vacuum it right up!

The hunky former soccer star, who admits to more than a few obsessive housecleaning habits, got bent the wrong way after his Spice Girl/fashion designer wife, Victoria, decided to redecorate a large room of their castle-like London mansion and rip out the wall-to-wall designer carpet.

“Becks wouldn’t have it,” blabbed a floored friend.

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“He luckily got home in the nick of time, right before workers ripped it right off the floor!”

But David proved just who wears the most precisely pressed pants, giggled the pal.

Victoria rolled her eyes as David sent the workmen packing, whining, ‘This is my absolute favorite space in the whole house to vacuum — the carpeting is so thick and plush, and the room’s the perfect square footage for exact, evenly numbered vacuum track lines!”