Mike Walker

Posh Spice Begs Hubby David: ‘Bend Me Like Beckham!’

‘The sex was way hotter in Hollywood,’ whines wifey Victoria Beckham.

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Pouty-puss Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham’s a famously moody lass, but even close chums are stunned by her nonstop whining that she’s SO unhappy since moving back to her native England with the kids and soccer stud hubby David Beckham, bitching that “the sex was way hotter in Hollywood” because Beckham simply isn’t … er, bending it enough lately!

Said My Posh Spy: “Victoria’s telling pals their sex life’s much worse than when they were living in California because David’s just not very sack-energetic these days! She’s pushing hard for a move back to LA, but he’s digging in his heels because their sons are entrenched in playing soccer in England, just like Daddy!”

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