Justin Theroux Sees Red As Jen Aniston Lusts After David Beckham!

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Newlywed Justin Theroux is furious over bride Jennifer Aniston’s crazy crush on his pal and partner, former soccer star David Beckham!

David, 40, recently recruited Justin, 44, to help design edgy biker fashion for a new clothing project.

Now Justin’s not only annoyed with his flirty wife, he’s embarrassed, said sources.

“Justin blasted Jen for practically drooling over David when they got together,” a source said.

“He was mortified that Jen acted like a lovestruck schoolgirl with David, feeling his muscles and raving about how handsome he is. Justin felt like a total chump!

“Jen even made a computer screen saver of David in a skimpy pair of Speedos.

“The marriage has barely begun, and she’s already lusting for another guy. And Justin and David are friends and do business together!”

As reported in The National ENQUIRER, Jennifer, 46, has been struggling to get pregnant, and has packed on 10 pounds from fertility drugs.

She also refused to marry Justin unless he agreed to sign an ironclad $120 million prenup promising that he wouldn’t cheat or do drugs.

“Jen nags Justin about having a roving eye and is jealous of his female friends, yet there’s a double standard … Justin’s fed up,” said a source.

And he’s not the only one miffed — Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is furious with Jennifer for openly flirting with her husband.

“Justin warned Jen to tone it down with David … and Victoria is already giving Jen the cold shoulder,” the source added.