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William Shatner ‘Love Child’ Wins In Court!

Alleged son wins battle to 'Star Trek' legend’s name.

Surprised William Shatner Wearing Charcoal Gray Pin-Striped Suit, White Shirt and Lavendar Patterned Tie Inset Book Titled The Search: How I met my father William Shatner By Peter Shatner

The man who claims he’s William Shatner’s love child won the right to take the Star Trek icon’s moniker!

“A judge has granted my name change to Peter Shatner,” the 62-year-old insurance broker, formerly known as Peter Sloan, told The National ENQUIRER.

Peter said Shatner was 25 when he had an affair with actress Kathy McNeil and his mother gave him up for adoption. In his book, The Search: How I Met My Father, Peter said he met Shatner in 1984 and the star admitted he was his dad!

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Shatner has denied the Tampa man’s claims. After Peter’s defamation lawsuit was dismissed, Shatner’s attorney shot off a request to nix his name change!

Peter refused to give up his “birthright.” A judge ruled there was “no evidence” his name petition was filed for a fraudulent purpose.

The actor didn’t respond to a request for comment.