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Vin Diesel Out To Revive ‘Miami Vice’

Action star has his eye on reboot of 80's TV hit!

Vin Diesel & Miami Vice
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NBC hopes action flick hero Vin Diesel can ‘rev up’ its flagging ratings, as “The Fast and the Furious” headliner is in talks with the network to revive the hit 1980s series Miami Vice!

But some media know-it-alls think the project smacks of network TV execs’ desperation — and lack of imagination.

The successful series about two undercover vice cops made a star out of Don Johnson — and defined the decade with its flashy style — but NBC is banking on Vin’s Hollywood heat to spark interest in the modern-day version, although some industry insiders aren’t so optimistic.

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“Random reboots will only take the networks so far,” sniped one critic to The National ENQUIRER. “Some people may tune in out of nostalgia, but that won’t necessarily keep them coming back. A good show will. It takes zero imagination to dust off someone else’s idea. Viewers see through that and want something more exciting.”

“The success of shows like ‘Big Little Lies,’ ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘American Gods’ should be a wake-up call to the old-guard networks,” added another media mole. “People want fresh content, not a boring rehash of a 30-year-old show.”