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Vin Diesel: Paul Walker’s Haunting Me!

There's a ghost rider on the set of 'Fast 8!'

vin diesel paul walker furious 8 ghost
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Mike Walker Reports… Here’s Hollywood’s latest “Dead Star Haunts Movie Set” whisper !

Insiders on hard-driving Vin Diesel’s “Fast 8” — the latest in the red-hot “Fast & Furious” racing series — said the star swears he’s actually eyeballed on-set the spirit of best pal/co-star Paul Walker!

Yes, that’s the same late actor who died in that tragic off-set car crash in 2013!

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Reported My “Fast 8” Spy: “Vin swore he kept feeling Paul’s presence strongly — then actually sighted him walking through on-set crowds.

And in a truly chilling incident, Vin freaked when he approached his parked race car for the day’s first shot, and the engine suddenly roared to life — revving furiously — even though no one was in the car!

Cast and crew are now certain Paul has blessed the production — and that he stands ready to spirit-drive ‘like a bat out of hell’ with his buddy!”