A California woman claims a night out at a San Francisco sushi restaurant tuned sour when she ran into Nash Bridges star Don Johnson.

According to the San Fransisco Chronicle, an unidentified woman told police that Johnson grabbed her as she passed him on the way to the restroom and asked if she knew who he was. He then made a comment about her breasts, to which she replied, “You’re a disgusting pig.”

So upset by the confrontation, the woman stumbled on the way back to her table and scraped her knee and elbow.

Johnson’s attorney, Ronald Litz, said the incident never happened, and based on the fact that “probably 25 women came up to him” that evening, it’s likely the woman propositioned him.

“He can’t accommodate everybody,” said Litz.

This isn’t the first time the former Miami Vice star has been accused of misbehavin’. Two former female employees sued him for sexual harassment in 1997. The suits were dropped after an undisclosed settlement was reached.