Mike Walker

Ryan Seacrest: Secret Survivalist’s Weird Obsession

Kelly Ripa's new 'Live' co-host awaits apocalypse with protein-bar stash!

ryan seacrest secret survivalist hoarder
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Ryan Seacrest, the super-smart and astoundingly talented new co-host of “Live With Kelly & Ryan” as well as my favorite Metrosexual, can turn downright quirky!

Here’s his latest bizarre obsession: fear of the imminent Hollywood Doomsday!

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Reported my spyin’-on-Ryan source: “His staff’s freaked because he’s suddenly buying up protein bars like they’re going to disappear — hoarding them in his BevHills mansion!”

The source said that Ryan’s “gripped by weird, unreasoning terror that L.A. is waay overdue for another devastating earthquake!”

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And what is the busy host and producer doing to prepare? “Ryan’s stashing yummies to nourish him through whatever nightmare transpires — and he’s already squirreled away enough protein bars to last a damn lifetime!”

YUM! (Hey, wanna send a care package?)