Mike Walker

Ryan Seacrest Nixes Nude Nibbling

Squeamish host turns down staff's offer to strip down for dinner!

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Mike Walker Reports… YUM, YUM DEPT.: Here’s stark-naked truth about My Favorite Metrosexual, Ryan Seacrest — stark-naked public dining makes the Shy Guy gag!

Turns out no nudes is good nudes, Seacrest staffers discovered, when a lass on his team made the bald suggestion that the boss should treat everyone to a “naked meal.”

Said My Ryan-Spyin’ Source: “Everyone was chatting about this news-making eatery in England where patrons will disrobe and dine in the buff — and it’s already snagged 27,000 reservations!

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“One gal stunned Ryan & Co. by admitting she’d actually attended private dinner parties nude, and gushed, ‘It’s amazing! I highly recommend it!’

“But Ryan gagged at the image of gross bare butts on his custom designer seat cushions, gasping, ‘You’ve seen my dining room — it would leave imprints!’”

Yeeiikes! When a proposed visit to the UK buff buffet was raised, Ryan sniffed: “Guess where we’re not having a staff meal!?”