Mike Walker

Ryan Seacrest’s Office Toilet Disaster

Inner-sanctum trespasser feared boss' flush!

ryan seacrest office toilet disaster
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Mike Walker reports….  Who is more good-natured than Ryan Seacrest?

The star, out of town on a trip, muffled a gaggle of giggles when a mortified gal staffer phoned from his L.A. office to confess she’d clogged his private toilet.

“Ryan listened as she dumped the dirty deets: (1) Sudden ‘tummy issues’ — (2) not making it to the staff john in time — then (3) rushing into the private bathroom in Ryan’s office!”

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But it got worse, my source continued: “After clogging the boss’ throne to overflowing, she made a bigger mess by trying to soak up gooey stuff with cotton balls he keeps for cleaning off his makeup!

“Ry gasped, ‘You used my private bathroom! The one no one ever uses?’

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“Now it was his turn to explode,” the source reported, “With laughter!

“He said, ‘No one ever uses that toilet, not even me!

“It hasn’t worked in years. I think it was originally built for [predecessor DJ] Rick Dees!’”