Honey Of A Boss? Ryan Seacrest Stings!

Showbiz buzzz izzz that Ryan Seacrest stung staffers he caught tearing through lavish holiday gift baskets stacking up in his offices — and went bee-listic when he spotted someone snagging a jar of imported Italian organic honey!

Giggled My Seacrest Spy: “Ryan’s insane for great honey, so when he saw that fancy jar, he instantly grabbed it and barked, ‘MINE! … That’s MINE!’ The Boss got eye-rolls galore when he snapped sternly: ‘From now on, everybody look SHARP — any honey comes through here, see me first! And I mean it! … Clear?’”

NOTE TO MY FAVORITE METROSEXUAL: Now that you’ve tipped off your swarm, they’re already buying you fancy jars of gourmet honey, hoping to trigger better boss buzz for the New Year. Happy, honey? (No, no … I mean HAPPY HONEY!) … And how was YOUR week?