Mike Walker

Prince Harry — His Pop Star Gal Has A Deadly Past

Royals fear that he'll end up boffin' in a coffin!

prince harry ellie goulding

Mike Walker Reports… We scooped the news weeks ago that Prince Harry shocked papa Prince Charles with grave news — he wanted to leave England for a year to do, er … charity work!

Turns out the real reason, as The National ENQUIRER soon revealed, was a budding romance with Brit pop singer Ellie Goulding, who’s on an extended world tour!

But here’s my hush-hush heart-stopper!

Prince Charles & Barbra Streisand — The Secret Romance!

Said My Royal Spy, Lord Knows: “Harry’s heart’s throbbing hard for pretty Ellie — but it turns out her father comes from a family of undertakers … and that’s got the palace in a frenzy!

“Ellie’s a nice girl, BUT … #1, she’s a commoner, #2, she’s an entertainer … and #3, her dad and family are undertakers!

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“Charles begged his son to move on, saying ‘It could kill my mother (The Queen, folks!).’

“But Harry’s crazy about Ellie, who sang at brother William’s royal marriage to Kate Middleton!

“Now everyone’s scared they could elope — and a prince of the realm’s marriage to an undertaker’s daughter ranks as a royal nightmare!”

(But truly groundbreaking, by Jove!)