Mike Walker

Prince Charles Shuts Down Harry’s USA Party Plans

Says the kid's idea to work for 'charity' is a royal scam!

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Mike Walker Reports… Pissed-off Prince Harry’s sulking like a bratty schoolboy because Papa Prince Charles nixed his scheme to live for a year in the good ol’ USA — the land he’s loved since he got naked & naughty with hot Vegas cuties in 2012 (remember those PICS!?).

Daddy-O saw right through Horny Red’s lame-ass lie that he’d be doing “charity work!”

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Scoffed My Royal Spy, Lord Knowes: “Harry always enjoys wonderful times in the States, but on his recent trip he got seriously infatuated with a gorgeous Southern belle who’s a ‘ginger’ — just like him!

“Totally struck with this beauty, he told Prince Charles he’d like to reside in the U.S. for a year — to pursue ‘charitable causes on behalf of England!’

“But Charles saw right through his son’s scheme and barked: ‘What are you thinking! That kind of talk could kill my mother [aka the 90-year-old QUEEN]! I will NOT have it — so not another word!’”