Mike Walker

Pippa Middleton’s Sex-Crazed Rush To Motherhood

Duchess Kate's newlywed sis embraces the reproductive process!

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Mike Walker Reports…  Oh, I say, chaps! Duchess Kate‘s sexy, brand new newlywed sister, Pippa Middleton (world-famed for that bouffant butt waggled at Kate’s royal wedding), is giggling to pals that baby-making’s burning up her brain!

What’s more, big news that big sis has one in the royal oven just adds to the reproductive pressure.

Pippa’s working very hard — day and night — to trigger new hubby James Matthews into igniting a first-born that’ll birth before she turns 35!

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(Note to Pip: Whisper, “Let your lance lead the dance, M’Lord!”) OW!

Smirked My Royal Spy, Lord Knows: “Pippa turns 34 on Sept. 6, and her biological clock’s a ticking time bomb.

“She’s racing to beat the clock … but studly James ain’t complaining!”

(Just keep calling her “princess,” pal — Kate’s merely a duchess!)

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