Hard Times for Patrick Swayze’s Shoplifting Sister

Star’s adopted sister is a serial criminal, says ex.

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Late movie legend Patrick Swayze’s adopted sister is a serial criminal and alcoholic who got booted from a sober-living house!

Those are the shocking claims of Bambi Swayze’s ex-husband, Don Franzen, in court documents from 2017 — exclusively obtained by The National ENQUIRER — detailing her multiple shoplifting arrests and rehab stays that he says left him in financial ruin at the time.

The couple, married for 29 years, split in 2016.

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Don charged in court papers that Korean-born Bambi, 53, has a “long history of abuse of alcohol and mental instability” — including a string of shoplifting busts and a DUI arrest in 2017!

Don claimed she came to him after she was kicked out of a sober-living house and said “she would be living in [her boyfriend’s] car!”

Although her ex claimed he was “sinking” in over $80,000 in debt, the judge ordered him to pay Bambi $2,500 a month! Bambi could not be reached for comment.