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Police could soon be called in to sort out the bitter spat that has engulfed Patrick Swayze’s family in the wake of The National ENQUIRER’s sensational revelations that his will was allegedly forged.

The late Hollywood star’s niece, Danielle Swayze, laid bare the civil war between her family and Patrick’s widow, Lisa Niemi. In an exclusive interview, the 26-year-old revealed the heartbroken family’s anger over the question of the document’s validity and added they don’t even know where the “Dirty Dancing” actor’s ashes are!

“It’s not about money – I just want the satisfaction of knowing,” Danielle told The ENQUIRER. In the last issue of The ENQUIRER, an expert analyzed the signature on the will and determined it “unlikely” to be Patrick’s signature. “It does not look like a natural signature,” Peggy Walla, a Texas-based forensic examiner, concluded.

Said Danielle: “There needs to be an investigation! If it is a forgery, that’s a felony and what she (Lisa) did was wrong!” The will was executed and signed July 27, 2009 – seven weeks before Patrick lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.

At the time, he was barely conscious and taking 10 medications. “I also believe Lisa took advantage of him during his treatment,” a friend said. In his final months, Patrick became dependent on Dilantin. Lisa, 58, allegedly pushed the ailing Patrick to finish the audio version of their book, “The Time of My Life,” withholding his Dilantin if he refused to work, sources claimed to The ENQUIRER.

Family members also charged that once Patrick died, Lisa tried to evict his mother, Patsy, from the home he bought her. She died four years later and Danielle said Lisa refused to help pay the funeral costs – despite inheriting his $40 million fortune. Instead, Danielle raised $8,000. Lisa showed up at Patsy’s funeral with her boyfriend and future hubby, Albert DePrisco. He was driving Patrick’s car – a Ford King Ranch truck.

“I had to walk away. I wanted to hit her for that,” Danielle said. Lisa was supposed to scatter Patrick’s ashes at his beloved New Mexico ranch following his death but she didn’t invite the family. “We don’t know where his ashes are – if she kept them, sold them or has them. We’re killing ourselves with questions that go unanswered,” Danielle added.