O.J. Simpson’s Secret Graveside Confession — What The Jury Never Heard!

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Oj simpson murder nicole brown simpson graveside apology

The biggest bombshell of the O.J. Simpson murder trial has been secret for years: According to an insider, three weeks after his acquittal, an ice-cold O.J. stood at his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson‘s grave and brazenly admitted to butchering her and her pal, Ronald Goldman!

The shocking secret confession came just three weeks after The Juice was acquitted of their murders, according to an eyewitness who accompanied him to Ascension Cemetery in Lake Forest, Calif.

“O.J. showed no emotion as he stood there, and acted almost like it could have been anyone who was buried in that grave,” the source exclusively told The ENQUIRER.

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“Then, looking downwards, he blurted out, ‘I’m sorry Nicole, it was an accident. I never meant to hurt you. I would never do that deliberately.'”

“O.J. then walked back to the car and didn’t mention her again,” the source said. “It was the strangest thing I have seen or heard in my life.”

The disgraced gridiron great spewed his bizarre Oct. 22, 1995, graveside apology after his 35-year-old ex was stabbed so savagely, she was nearly beheaded.

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But before her death, Nicole had penned a secret diary detailing the vicious attacks she endured at O.J.’s hands, The ENQUIRER previously reported.

She described the abuse — not seen in the FX series The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story — as a “living hell,” and wrote that she believed O.J. would one day kill her.

With O.J. now serving time in Nevada for armed robbery and kidnapping, a renowned psychotherapist said he was “likely in shock” over the “Trial of the Century” when he admitted to the slayings at Nicole’s grave.

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“He probably thought this would never get out,” Dr. Gilda Carle told Radar. “O.J. may have called it an accident because he probably didn’t mean to kill her. And he really was sorry Nicole was killed. After her death, he no longer had her to push around!”

In another repulsive act, a source claimed ex-galpal Paula Barbieri demanded $1 MILLION to keep quiet about what she knew about his role in the murders of Nicole and Ron, The ENQUIRER previously reported.

The declaration was recorded on tape on Sept. 17, 1997, while O.J. and his then-agent, Mike Gilbert, were discussing Paula’s upcoming appearance on a TV talk show.

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O.J. blustered that people who wondered whether he paid Paula for her silence would forget that “when I went down there, Paula wanted $1 million. Wasn’t like she didn’t want any money, she wanted more money!”

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