Towering Difference!

Nicole Kidman Tells Keith Urban To Man Up — And Get Taller

Statuesque star refuses to wear flats for shorter husband!

nicole kidman keith urban marriage
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Amazon Aussie Nicole Kidman has ordered pint- sized husband Keith Urban to wear lifts in his shoes!

That’s the word from sources close to Nicole, last seen towering over Keith at the CMA Awards in Nashville.

“She told Keith he must wear shoe lifts, like she did to Tom Cruise, because she doesn’t want to keep looking down at him. It gives her a neck ache,” a spy told The National ENQUIRER.

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Statuesque Nicole stands at 5’11”, while Keith is 5’9″ — and the difference was all too obvious to spywitnesses at the awards show, who said they looked ridiculous together.

Nicole is so conscious of how they look in public, according to insiders, she put her foot down about Keith using lifts as much as possible!

“Nicole insists he wear them to all the red carpet events,” the source added.

“She refuses to wear flats, which adds several more inches to her height!

“It’s pretty selfish, because she doesn’t meet him halfway by wearing shorter heels.”