Mike Walker

Michael Jackson’s Ghostly Return At Family Bash

Singer's spirit is getting around!

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Mike Walker reports… Just days after The National ENQUIRER caught Michael Jackson haunting Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, his spirited ghost is once again apparently partying hearty to his own beat!

Blabbed My GhostBuster: “Children Paris, Prince and Blanket hosted a bash reuniting tons of kid pals to dance the night away at a happy hoedown held at the old Jackson family haunt in Encino!

“And weird as it sounds, Michael’s apparition spontaneously fired up the festivities, shocking the hell out of everyone when his unmistakably throaty voice started belting out a song that resonated eerily throughout the mansion!

‘Thriller’ Beauty’s Living Nightmare Over Michael Jackson!

“At first, everyone assumed the tune was a preprogrammed DJ mix, a boombox … something!? But a quick check showed that the music was apparently coming out of … who knows where?

“It just mysteriously started playing — but amazingly, no one was freaked out!

“Everyone just happily danced/sang along, stunned that Superstar Daddy-oh had transmitted — from whatever universe he inhabits — another total thriller!“