Prison Pen Pal

Michael Douglas’ Druggie Son Sends Pervy Jailhouse Letters!

Cameron displays sicko tendencies in notes to ‘beautiful woman,’ expert claims.

Michael Douglas son Cameron sends jailhouse sex letters

Cameron Douglas is not only a jailed junkie — but likely a sexually controlling pervert with an itch for S&M!

The National ENQUIRER can exclusively reveal that Michael Douglas’ son has been sending perverted letters to a female pen pal from prison.

Cameron, 37, has been locked up since 2010, following a string of drug convictions, including one for dealing crystal meth.

Douglas Son Gets More Jail Time! 

Since his latest transfer to a low-security correctional institution in Connecticut, he’s been caught exchanging sexually charged mail with a mystery lady!

In a bombshell development, a handwriting expert commissioned by The ENQUIRER has determined the inmate shows signs of being an entitled, sexually controlling deviant who may have sadomasochistic sensibilities.

“He’s sexually perverted. There is no doubt about it,” behavioral investigator Susan Constantine said.

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In a two-page letter obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER, Cameron brazenly requests “more photos” from the woman in return for his own X-rated shots.

Handwritten from his prison cell, Cameron scrawls: “I must say, I was intrigued by your letter and your forward approach. I appreciate someone who can cut through the b.s. and say what’s on their mind. … It makes things much simpler. … So having said that, allow me to be direct with you … I have a few concerns that I hope you will understand.

“1. Is that you are over 18 (self-explanatory)

“2. That you are who you say you are, i.e., that the beautiful woman in the picture, and the impressive rhetoric in your letter, is indeed [named redacted].

“So if you can convincingly prove these things to me, and you feel it is worth your time, then I look forward to doing all of those things that you so aptly described in your letter.

“P.S. Send more photos if you meet the simple criteria please and I will return the favor.”

Docs’ Warning To Michael Douglas: Having Sex Will Make You Blind!

The contents of the original letter are unknown, but Cameron is clearly eager to reveal his own private photo album to the “beautiful woman.”

“There is no doubt he is running the show, and she is an active submissive participant,” Susan explained to The ENQUIRER.

“This is not the first time for him. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was an S&M type of an arrangement, because he’s the dominant setting the ground rules and she’s the submissive who must abide by the rules.”

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Cameron’s fall started in 1999 with his first drug arrest. He was arrested, convicted and sentenced again in 2009. His sentence was lengthened after he was caught with drugs behind bars, and he suffered serious injuries in 2012 when another inmate broke his leg for snitching!

Cameron was punished once again in 2013 and sent to solitary confinement after a failed drug test.