Docs’ Warning To Michael Douglas: Having Sex Will Make You Blind!

Docs warning to michael douglas having sex will make you blind ne short

His wife is a real looker – but it looks like Michael Douglas may have to choose between looking or touching hottie Catherine Zeta-Jones!

That’s because the 70-year-old macho movie star could be risking his vision – with Viagra!

The National ENQUIRER has already revealed the “Fatal Attraction” star’s eyes looked severely inflamed and bloodshot at an American Cancer Society benefit in New York City on May 4.

Startled friends said Michael “scared people” and needed to be “checked out soon” – but his frightening vision problems may have more to do with an active sex life!

Several medical studies on Viagra have linked the erectile dysfunction remedy to eye problems, including bleeding at the back of the eyes as the retinas degenerate.

That could leave Michael in a penile pickle as he’s forced to choose between preserving his eyesight or satisfying his A-list wife!

“My feeling is the human body comes first, and sex, unfortunately, has to take a backseat – even when you have a wife like Catherine Zeta-Jones,” Dr. Stuart Fischer told The ENQUIRER.

In 2013, the Food and Drug Administration launched an inquiry into reports of blindness among users of erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Michael also has added chemical complications after his recent treatment for throat cancer, as Dr. Fischer explained. “Any cancer treatment medications – like chemotherapy drugs – can increase the side effects of more benign medications.”

The news couldn’t come at a worse time for Michael as he’s fighting to preserve his crumbling marriage.

The ENQUIRER reported earlier this year that Michael was trying to avert a potential $300 million divorce by squiring Catherine back to their old Bermuda love nest.

But there’s good news: Dr. Fischer may have an alternative solution for Michael’s alleged woes in the sack.

“I’d recommend Arginine,” he told The ENQUIRER. “It’s an amino acid with a very similar effect to Viagra.”