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Michael Douglas Dodges Harassment Bullet

Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones reveals explosive confrontation!

michael douglas harassment sex scandal

Michael Douglas, the cancer survivor who recently revealed his struggles with addictions, can at least stop tip-toeing around his wife, “Chicago” star Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Catherine told a source for The National ENQUIRER that she had an explosive face-to-face showdown with hubby Michael in front of their son, Dylan, and daughter, Carys, over shocking sexual charges leveled against him by a gal last January.

The woman claimed Michael, who has said he got throat cancer from too much oral sex, masturbated in front of her when she worked for him 30 years ago.

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Catherine says she was at first “devastated” by the charges, but believed him when he swore it was a “complete lie.”

Now, she says she feels vindicated because no one else has come forward with a similar story.

“This woman came out of nowhere and accused my husband,” Catherine told the interviewer.

“There was nothing to back it up.” She says false claims like this “knocks back” the #MeToo “movement 20 years.”