Health Scare!

Matthew Perry Checks In To Hospital

Fresh fears for ‘Friends’ legend as he looks like a total wreck.

Matthew Perry Smoking A Cigarette On NYC Street Outside Of Hospital, Inset Getting Out of SUV (2)

Train wreck Matthew Perry has been making regular hospital visits in New York, and those close to him are worried about his shabby image and failing health!

The tragic Friends star emerged on the East Coast, but after days of being spotted scratching around and appearing weary, out of shape and downcast, and smoking cigarettes and drinking diet soda, he checked in to New York University Langone hospital.

Sources told The National ENQUIRER that Matthew made at least two visits to the medical facility in a single week, although it was unclear what they were treating him for. Both times a woman who might have been a sober coach shadowed the actor, who did not respond to a request for comment.

“The last time Matthew went to the hospital he had to have emergency surgery and he was there for three months,” said a concerned pal.

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“His insides are messed up, and nobody’s pretending it has to do with anything other than his years of chronic drug abuse!”

“He’s tried to get sober, he’s tried to stay sober, but it never works. He’s relapsed so many times now that when he cleans up, pals just start the countdown to the next time he falls off the wagon.”

The comedic actor, 49, was treated at a Los Angeles hospital in 2018 for a “gastrointestinal perforation.”

He has previously admitted to alcohol abuse, and to being addicted to painkillers starting in 1997. He has been to rehab three times — in 1997, 2001 and 2011.

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As The ENQUIRER reported, pals have begged Matthew to enroll in rehab again and get help before he suffers permanent damage. However, when pictures of his filthy fingers appeared online, he laughed off reports of his disheveled state.

Making reference to a joke from “Friends,” he tweeted: “I’m getting a manicure this morning. That’s okay right? … I mean it says ‘man’ right in the word.”

Matthew’s longtime friend Kayti Edwards told how in 2018 she witnessed the depths of his addiction.

“It got to the point where Matthew was using drugs every day. It was about three months of heavy partying,” she said.

She went to his house “and he was high out of his mind. He hadn’t showered in like [nine] days, and the guy had just superglued his hands to his legs!”