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Matthew Perry Stroke Horror!

Desperately needs an MRI, says top physician!

Matthew Perry Health — He Looks Sick
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A disheveled and dazed Matthew Perry has left fans and medical experts fearful that the former “Friends” star has suffered a stroke!

Matthew, 46, who has long battled substance abuse, appeared to be slurring his speech and struggling to spit words out during an April 4 appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

The left side of his upper lip seemed to curl upward while he spoke.

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“Perry looked absolutely awful,” revealed a Hollywood insider. “He had deep circles under each of his eyes, his hair was combed back — exposing his receding hairline — and he had that problem with his speech and lip. Everyone is concerned that there’s something seriously wrong.”

That includes medical professionals.

“If a neurologist was watching Matt on the show, he would have him in the office the next day and put him through tests, particularly an MRI,” said one stunned physician after viewing clips.

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This isn’t the first time Matthew has faced stroke speculation.

A bizarre appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” in January fueled a flurry of online comments from concerned fans.

“Is it me or does Matthew Perry look/sound like he’s suffered a stroke?” wrote one fan.

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“Something’s wrong with Matthew’s face!” tweeted another.

Matthew has had four rehab stints — his last in 2011. Moreover, he sold his Malibu mansion, which he had been using as a sober-living facility.

Judging by his “Colbert” appearance, his battle might not be over anytime soon.

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“Right now, everybody is just praying he’s OK,” dished the insider. “That’s all we can do.”