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Kristen Stewart On Her Bisexuality: ‘I Want To Try Everything’

'Twilight' star­ compares love to a 'cheese sandwich!'

Kristen Stewart
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Kristen­ Stewart­ says ­she’s­ staying­ open-minded­ about ­her ­love­ life­ and­ shockingly­ compared­ her ­bisexual ­hookups­ to­ a­ diner­ favorite!­

“Some­ people ­know ­they­ like ­grilled ­cheese, ­and­ they’ll ­eat­ it ­every ­day­ for­ the­ rest ­of ­their­ lives,”­ explained ­the­ 27-year-old.­“I­ want ­to ­try ­everything.­ If­ I ­have­ a­ grilled ­cheese­ once ­I’m ­like,­‘That ­was ­cool,­ what’s­ next?’­”­­

Kristen Stewart: Glam Look Can’t Cover Her Stink

Kristen ­famously­ dated­ “Twilight”­ co-star ­Robert­ Pattinson ­for­ four­ years­—­ until ­she­ was ­caught­ in­ a­ clutch­ with­ Rupert­ Sanders,­ her­ married ­”Snow ­White” ­and­ “The Huntsman” ­director. Since ­then ­she’s­ romanced­ a­ string­ of­ ladies, ­including­ visual­ effects ­producer­ Alicia­ Cargile, ­singer­ Stéphanie ­“SoKo”­Sokolinski ­and­ current­ gal ­pal­ model­ Stella­ Maxwell

“I’ve ­been­ deeply ­in­ love­ with­ everyone­ I’ve­ dated,” Kristen insisted.