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Kristen Stewart: Glam Look Can’t Cover Her Stink

Bad body odor overwhelming!

Kristen Stewart Glam Look Cant Cover Her Stink neq

Kristen Stewart may have gotten a red carpet makeover — but pals said the scuzzball star’s hygiene stinks no matter how swell she looks!

Indeed, The National ENQUIRER has learned the grungy “Twilight” actress’ friends are still forced to hold their noses whenever she’s near, even when she’s glammed up!

“Kristen tends to stink pretty bad because she neglects to shower regularly — but she doesn’t care,” the insider revealed.

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The ripe 26-year-old often goes weeks on end without washing her oily hair, which has resulted in bad body odor!

“She smells like the inside of a gym sneaker no matter what she’s wearing!” the insider dished. “Sometimes the stink is totally overpowering.”

However, thanks to her tireless glam squad, KStew always manages to look presentable for the cameras.

“She has stylists who provide gowns, shoes and jewelry, and hair and makeup people to clean her up,” added another source.

“But after the show, she’s right back to her dirty-rotten-scoundrel look!”