KRISTEN STEWART and JODIE FOSTER may bat for opposite teams, but that hasn’t stopped the “Twi­light” actress from enlisting Jodie as her personal love coach.

The 22-year-old dark-haired beauty – who was caught cheat­ing on boyfriend Robert Pattinson in July – has turned to her older and wiser “Panic Room” co-star to help her sort out her troubled love life.

Kristen looks up to Jodie as a wise and cool older sister,” said a source. “They have a strong bond, and whenever Kristen is stressed over something in her life, she calls up Jodie for advice.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, although Kristen and Rob, 26, are back together, the relationship is on shaky ground.

“Kristen has been leaning on Jodie for support ever since the cheating episode last sum­mer,” the source continued. “She pumped Jodie for advice on how to win Rob back, and she’s been crying to her about all the prob­lems they’ve been having.”

In turn, Jodie, 50, who strongly hinted at being gay during a speech at the Golden Globes on Jan. 13, has shared details about her own love travails with Kristen. “Jodie keeps reminding Kristen that she’s young and has plenty of time to settle into a grown-up, stable relationship,” said the source.

Despite their outward differences, the two women, who met on the set of “Panic Room,” when they played mother and daughter back in 2001, have bonded over their shared experi­ences as former child stars and their mutual desire for privacy.

“Without Jodie, Kristen would be lost,” added the source. “Thankfully, Jodie is steering her in the right direction. She’s been advising Kristen to give Rob space and not smother him.”